How I Started

Hey, I am Mau. A talented graphic designer from a small town outside of Caracas, Venezuela. I immigrated to the United States in 2017; since then I have followed my passion and professional career as a graphic designer working for various start-ups and large corporations. Come 2021, I decided to take a big leap and explore my entrepreneurial spirit combining two of my favorite things - puppies & graphic design.

My experience opening my small business made me realize that I never wanted to do any work that was not fulfilling again. It's a more challenging path than the one I was on, but challenges are part of life.

Since the founding of Mau Designs, I have had over 1000 happy customers, with designs of (but not limited to): pigs, cats, dogs, horses, and birds. In addition, I have also added 5 additional unique clothing lines, pet supplies, collars, leash and more...

Meet Dory 🐾 

Dory is the family dog. She's 8 years old. This business journey began with her. I love giving her customize bandanas and personalized gifts.

At that point I was considering opening an online business so shortly after I started selling dog bandanas on Etsy and Shopify and it went great, soon after I included custom sweatshirts, t shirts, backpacks and more... (all featuring your Pet's Face).
My entrepreneurial pursuits was definitely inspired for her and my love for animals!


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken.”
–Anatole France

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My Goal

Provide not only exceptional designs, but also a forever memory of your Fur Friend. My goal is to be the preferred choice for Pet Lovers by providing unique and affordable custom products and supplies. My dedication will ensure an excitement moment, best quality and personalized experience for you, your pet and your family.

My Mission

I plan to continue to not only add unique apparel but also expand into: pet accessories/supplies/food, a selection of home and gardening supplies, and finally a brick and mortar store in my new home town of Orlando, Florida.