Pet Face Production

How I create your Pet's Face Illustration?

I enjoy creating variety of portraits of animals, especially ones that reflect their personality. However I'm going to show you how I create a piece of vector art of your Pet that takes on it's owners personality.

We'll be using reference images and adding elements in Photoshop, then vectoring it in Illustrator using a variety of techniques.

Step 1

After looking through the photos I've been provided I need to make sure the lighting of the photo is perfect to start the design so If its necessary I add brightness and contrast. After start that I'm going to cut her face from a photo and build the reference image from this.

Step 2

Using illustrator I start drawing an outline all of the distinguishing features of your Pet, starting from your dog’s snout and mouth, the dog’s eyes say a lot about their personality and mood, so spend time getting them right, after that I draw your happy dog's ears. Finally I add the fur and as many details as possible to accurate your Pet's Face.

It'll look something like this:

How did it go? In this blog, we used Gentner (our family dog)  as an example to show how I'd draw your own Pet , but this approach can be applied to any kind of animals including four-legged animals. 

Step 3 

Now that the rough shape is drawn, we can go in and add detailed features. To draw the fur, it’s better to draw it in bunches to achieve the proper shape and expression rather than one hair at a time. Let’s add our finishing touches by thinking about what we want to emphasize in our image.

And this is the Final Result:

Please feel free to tell if you are not sure about the design or if you want to add some special details. I am more than happy to help you with any inquiries !

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